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Why Samples Are Your Solution

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As this is officially the first ever blog post/news feed for The Resin Mil.  It will be kept as light as possible. The only way to start is from the whole team here, we would like to give a very warm welcome to everyone reading. The feed will be full of knowledgeable information and tips on resin bound and bonded materials.

In terms of topic, this is one that is at the heart of The Resin Mill. It is a key factor in influencing customers buying decisions. This is especially so when purchasing resin bound driveways and resin bonded surfacing in general.  The subject we’re talking about is resin bound samples.

Samples increase exposure and give customers a taste of what is to come. They are key in making homeowners feel confident with their purchase. This especially when it is one that is going to be sat slap bang in front of their house and sustained for the next 20 years or so. Samples are used to compare one company’s colours to another. It is therefore imperative that they are of the highest quality and truly represent the materials used.

To find out more about how the process works, time was spent with ‘Dan the Sample Man’. He works full time in house creating samples for The Resin Mill. He makes all samples in a meticulous fashion, in order to ensure that they are of the highest class and unrivalled quality. Dan makes all samples for the training courses, case samples and bespoke samples. The training samples are used for in house training; case samples are a professional case of twenty standard samples, (a great selling tool), and loose samples are created for contractors, to leave with their clients. Custom made mixes can be created upon request. Should you have samples from other companies, we can speedily colour match so that you can compare the quality of the resin permeable paving. We are here to help and support you and your customer, whatever the request.

making resin bound drive samples

Dan reassures that it would be difficult to sell without resin bound and resin bonded samples, “It’s easy to choose one bag of stone from another but once the resin is added, the colour changes and sometimes the texture, therefore you need to be able to see the full finished product, before it’s laid on your drive.” It is essential that the technique be down to a tea because if the measures are inaccurate, it can make the samples resin rich. On the flipside it can be too weak if the wrong amount of hardener is added.

best selling resin bound colours

The volume of samples produced by The Resin Mill certainly speaks for something and highlights the use and importance of samples – in peak times up to 460 a day are produced by Dan. Oyster Pearl UV is the firm favourite at the moment, closely followed by Olympus, Titanium and Grey Slate. The product portfolio extends to rubber crumb and internal resin, so there’s an extensive sample selection for these in addition.

best sellling reisn bound aggregate colours

All samples are especially effective when presented in a branded briefcase, alongside well-illustrated and informative product information. There’s a specific section for contractor and personal details, which combined, builds prestige and trust with your customer knowing that they can contact the supplier direct. Don’t go to work with out them because quality samples are certainly the tools of this trade.

Our full sample case ready to go once it’s been filled by Dan the sample man, £129.99 + VAT.


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