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Top 10 Grey Resin Driveway Installations

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Our Top 10 Grey Resin Driveways

Grey is one of our most popular resin driveway colours. It looks sleek and sophisticated and you can make it look as indiscreet or as statement like as you require. It is a solid choice for modern buildings, although it will go with any type of property.

Our grey resin bound colour mixes are Aspen, Platinum, Slate Grey, Starlight and Titanium. They range from lighter to darker shades of grey and silver, with all of them approved by The BBA.

In homage to our contractors favourite resin drive colour we have chosen some of our favourite grey resin bound installations to share with you and offer inspiration:


1. Grey Slate for Sandbanks

dark grey driveway

2. Titanium on a contemporary property

light grey resin drive modern property

3. Starlight for anti-slip on a bungalow

green resin driveway

4. Starlight with a Titanium border

grey resin driveways

5. Long Titanium driveway with a Starlight border and brick drop kerb

grey resin drive

6. Starlight looking great against red brick

dark grey resin bound drive

7. Grey resin driveway contrasting a white house

dark grey resin driveway

8. House number in darker grey in Titanium resin drive

silver grey resin drive colour

9. Light grey resin bound aggregates to compliment condo

light grey resin drive colour

10. Titanium installed with artificial grass

grey resin driveways


If you would like a resin bound installation from approved contractor in your area or you would like resin driveway training, please get in contact with us on 01484 400 855.