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The Resin Mill Approved Contractor Scheme For Resin Driveways

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The Resin Mill are excited for the imminent launch of our Approved Contractor Scheme.

We Fully Believe In The Benefits Of Resin Bound Surfacing. We Have Developed Our Scheme As We Want The Resin Driveway Industry To Thrive.

The Approved Contractor Scheme will raise performance standards across the resin bound gravel industry, to the benefit of all stakeholders with an interest in resin driveways. The scheme ensures homeowners and clients become familiar with the benefits of resin surfacing and only hold positive connotations of the industry.

Our Mission For Resin Driveways

The Resin Mill are setting out to maintain and benchmark the highest quality standards in the resin industry. We will accomplish this by using only the highest quality resin surfacing materials, installed by only the most skilled contractors.  They abide by the correct installation guidelines, whilst offering an outstanding level of service.

Are You Looking To Grow Your Business In Resin Bound Surfacing?

If you are a contractor looking to join our Approved Contractor Scheme, there are many opportunities to grow your business. Your business will also benefit from free promotion and publicity through the Approved Contractor Scheme. This is because our brand name organically generates a wealth of leads. We pass these on to you in order to grow and drive your business forward. In a competitive market, The Resin Mill’s Approved Contractor scheme offers a recognised benchmark and it is imperative to differentiate from the less professional contractor.

FeRFA For Resin Driveways

Homeowners want their resin driveways installing by grounds surfacing companies that they can trust. Trust to have all the credentials they state and trust to carry out the work that they say they are capable of. It is therefore a critical part of the scheme that The Resin Mill sit on the technical board at FeRFA, for resin bound gravel. There are only a very small number of resin driveway suppliers who have managed to gain full FeRFA association. FeRFA’s purpose it is to govern the industry. They provide advice, guidance and support. FeRFA is recognised as the voice of the resin flooring industry by the main official bodies. These include RIBA, CSCS and BuildUK.

Associating with FeRFA safeguards homeowners and confirms expert status when it comes to resin bound gravel and resin driveways. Approved Contractors are affiliated with a FeRFA partner and so automatically are guaranteed credibility through our strict procedures.

Our Care And Commitment

Clients require resin surfacing companies who sincerely care about them. Our reputation has been based on building and offering an unrivalled level of service to tradesmen, purchasing resin surfacing materials from us. We believe that it is only fair that homeowners experience an even further level of aftercare when purchasing their new resin driveway. We partner with like-minded contractors, who strive for customer satisfaction that exceeds expectations. Through our Approved Contractor Scheme we nurture, grow, support and advise contractors on how to deliver their business successfully. Through years of knowledge and experience,  we can overcome any situation that arises. Standards of resin surfacing, has to be impeccable. The assessing of contractors takes place at regular intervals in order to maintain high standards.


Approved Contractors receive our full care and support. If you are interested in being in safe hands and partnering with the industry leaders to drive your business and resin driveways forward get in touch with us on 01484 400 855 or email us on info@resinbound.co.uk for an information pack.

The Resin Mill Approved Driveway Contractor

In light of the seriousness of Coronavirus, and following government guidelines, we want to ensure the safety of our employees, stakeholders and the general public. It is therefore with a heavy heart, that we feel the most responsible thing to do, is close The Resin Mill for the time being. We hope that we will be open again soon and wish that everybody is safe and well.