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Resin Mill’s New Resin Rox Has Landed!

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The Resin Mill are committed to providing carefully sourced and high-quality aggregates and our new product Resin Rox is here to make installation of resin bound surfaces even easier. No longer will you have to mix bags to blend the perfect colour match. We have taken out the laborious task of finding individual bags of aggregate to mix on site, reducing waste and saving costs.

What is Resin Rox?

Resin Rox is our own branded, dry premixed aggregates, bagged and ready for resin bound installation. Ensuring the perfect colour match every time, Resin Rox allows smaller amounts of aggregates to be used saving time, effort, and money when used in conjunction with one of our new single bag resin kits.

We don’t just premix the colour but also the aggregate grading. This means no more searching around for the bags of 1-3mm and what colour mix the blend should be! Just simply open up the pallets and go.


Who was Resin Rox originally created for?

We saw a gap in the market for suppliers of resin bound surfaces. We found the mixing of dry aggregates on site as potentially an area for error and time consuming, leaving excessive waste and taking up unnecessary labour time. The idea of premixed aggregates was born, and we recognised how we could improve the resin bound surface industry.


Resin Rox Bagged Aggregate Close Up

What are the benefits of premixed aggregates?

Premixed aggregates for resin bound surfaces are highly beneficial to your resin bound project. We have a long list of advantages to using Resin Rox which we think everyone in the resin bound industry can benefit from but here are a select few.


Quality controlled Resin Rox aggregates

You can be assured our bespoke premixed aggregates are supplied with complete Resin Mill approval giving consistent quality. Our mixing ratios are far more accurate than labour intensive mixing bags on site thus eliminating mistakes and making stock management far easier.


Resin Rox improves time efficiency

The delivery of premixed aggregates cuts down your site time and labour hours, especially for large commercial projects. It is commonly more economic to invest in premixed solutions than having to manage unnecessary time and physical labour.


Resin Rox is environmentally friendly

Due to our efficient premixing methods, any waste aggregate is eliminated. Reducing waste for our clients will make your projects more cost-effective but also reduces the number of resources, energy loss, and any waste bulk aggregate.


Choose Resin Rox today for your next Resin bound surface

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