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How To Pick The Best Forced Action Mixer For Your Resin Install

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A forced action mixer is the largest outlay when starting up your resin drive company. Choosing a mixer that is high performing, durable, has longevity and the back up support if anything goes wrong, is therefore very important. By working with a number of brands over the years, we now know exactly what to look out for:


1. What is the service life of the forced action mixer?

Obviously the higher the service life, the higher the confidence in the mixer. We advise that it is not just the service life that you look out for but the technical support too and the availability for spare parts. The best resin mixer in the UK for technical support we have found is SoRoTo. SoRoTo has an amazing pro-active and reactive team who are UK based. They are readily available and on hand with technical advice and support.

2. How much stock & availability?

If the unfortunate happens and your forced action mixer ‘dies’ on you, it is important that you get it, or the parts, replaced straight away so that you can fulfil your resin bound gravel installations. Time is money after all. The best manufacturer will have full stock of the full range of resin mixers and parts available in the UK. We have found that SoRoTo always have full stock and you can get next day delivery on any mixer or any part that you may need.

3. Warranty on the forced action mixers

As with any product, the duration of manufacturers guarantee is very important. It has to be worth the paper that it is written on though and comes from a company who can action it. The best warranties on the market at the moment come with the SoRoTo forced action mixers. They offer a solid 2 year warranty on their resin mixers.

4. The product itself

The product itself is an indisputable factor when considering which the best resin mixer is. And it all comes down to balance.

You need a mixer that is extremely powerful but not too powerful that you require the additional purchase of a 5kW tool transformer. From our extensive experience with different mixers, for your average sized resin install, even up to 500m/sq, the SoRoTo 100l is the perfect choice. You could even say one size fits all. It’s 1.1kW motor allows the use of a standard transformer and no extra expense.

Any mixer you purchase should couple up as a mixer for rubber crumb and other types of screed mixing.

Forced action mixers can have a large capacity can lose litres of capacity when it is mixing. When comparing mixers on the market you therefore need to look at ‘mixing capacity’ as opposed to just ‘capacity’. A larger ‘capacity’ is not ideal if it has a lower ‘mixing capacity’, as you will be mixing the resin, so this is essential.

5. The price

When buying a forced action mixer, you don’t want to feel ripped off. You want to ensure you are getting the most for you money. Sometimes that isn’t always the most expensive product on the market. We have found that this could possibly be the case with resin bound forced action mixers. The SoRoTo 100l comes with a cheaper price tag than some of its well known competitors on the market without compromising on quality.


As we take another step towards bringing our installers the highest quality driveway resin supplies, we are now happy to supply SoRoTo resin bound mixers. We have full stock available for next day delivery if ordered before 2pm.

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