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Resin Bound Floor Slip Resistance Test

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Introduction to Resin Bound Anti-slip  

The Resin Mill understands your customers need for an attractive, yet safe resin bound driveway or surface, especially with regards to slip resistance. This is why FloorSlip* were instructed to independently assess the anti-slip properties of ResinBound UVR Pro when used as the binder for a resin bound surface. The Pendulum method was used in accordance with the United Kingdom Slip Resistance Group (UKSRG) guidelines for testing floors to ascertain the slip resistance to BS EN 14231**.

The tests show that The Resin Mill’s ResinBound UVR Pro resin bound system has excellent anti-slip properties, with the slip resistance well above current requirements.

Test Objectives

Independent Pendulum tests were conducted to provide an accurate analysis on the slip potential of the flooring. Tests were carried out on resin bound samples made with ResinBound UVR Pro on its own and with the addition of crushed glass sprinkled on the freshly laid surface, under both dry and wet conditions. A minimum Pendulum Test Value reading of 36 must be obtained in all conditions to pass the test.


Test 1: ResinBound UVR Pro in wet conditions: 51
Test 2: ResinBound UVR Pro in Dry conditions: 62

Test 3: ResinBound UVR Pro with added crushed glass at approx. 25gsm in wet conditions: 64
Test 4: ResinBound UVR Pro with added crushed glass at approx. 25gsm in dry conditions: 70

Test 5: ResinBound UVR Pro with added crushed glass at approx. 100gsm in wet conditions: 74
Test 6: ResinBound UVR Pro with added crushed glass at approx. 100gsm in dry conditions: 80


The results from the tests show that ResinBound UVR Pro is more than 40% above the required standards even before crushed glass is added, in both wet and dry conditions.

Adding crushed glass to the freshly laid ResinBound UVR Pro surface can increase the slip resistance to up to double the current requirements.


*Impartial and Independent Floor Testing Company, specialising in ‘Pendulum’ Testing.
**BS EN 14231 is a natural stone test method, that determines the slip resistance by means of the Pendulum tester.
The results were obtained under the test conditions. Results may change depending on conditions. A full report is available on request.

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